How to trade currency
Trading Signals with HopFX

Here are the details of the strategies for signals and alerts that are sent to you each day by email, take a few minutes to read them.

Success in trading relies mainly on the rigor and the applied follow-up of a trading system also called “trading rules”.

The use of our trading strategies will allow you to have an extremely rigorous system, resulting from many years of experience in the markets; you will thus be able to acquire the good reflexes and the dynamics necessary to become an efficient trader. You will learn to take your profits methodically and most importantly, the hardest, to take your losses when it is necessary.

We are going to review the different messages we send you by email throughout our trading sessions.

Implementation of strategies (1st message)


Our Preference SHORT BELOW 1.2739
BUY ZONE 1.2769
Target(1) 1.2784
Target(2) 1.2796
Stop Loss 1.2745
SELL ZONE ==> 1.2739
Target(1) 1.2724
Target(2) 1.2712
Stop Loss 1.2763
Time of analysis : 6:34 (GMT)
Latest price : 1.2758

Once the levels of interventions are validated by our team you will receive this type of message:

The selected currency pair (USDCAD in our example)

Our Preference  (Buy or Sell zone) with the recommanded level

The entry zone to buy the relevant asset (1.3391 in our example)

The entry zone to sell the asset concerned (1.3371 in our example)

Two profit targets for the two scenarios that correspond to the earning goals we want to achieve if the strategy is validated, so you can, each target touched, adjust your stop level or place a trailing stop (stop trainer) or of course take your profits.

The stop level or « stop loss » which marks the losing exit of the position and the invalidation of the current strategy. Careful, it is important to strictly respect your stop levels because it is the only method to guarantee the longevity of your trading activity.

Please note that when your broker allows it, it is comfortable enough to place a “Buy Stop” order waiting for the strategy during purchase and a “Sell Stop” order waiting for the strategy seller.

Message (position tracking)

During positioning there are several types of messages that you can receive.

The first are sent to you when the strategy reaches the level of profit targets. In case the first profit target is reached you will receive this message:


SELL ZONE                     OK              
Target(1) OK
Target(2) 1.2712
Stop Loss     1.2763
Alert Time  : 07:29          (GMT)   

You can thus, if you wish, lower your stop in the case of selling or higher in the case of buying.

The same type of message will be sent to you when target 2 is reached, thus closing the current position.